USMA '87 "Go Army Tailgating!"

We've upped our game... Up yours!

Welcome to USMA ’87 “Go Army Tailgating!” 

Check out the POOP DECK  for information on our tailgate including food, parking and logistics. Once again, we have coordinated with a local food truck to cater our event.  


Please use the PURCHASE ITEMS tab to pay for food and/or merchandise as soon as possible.  

Vendor deposits are due.  We appreciate your payments, early.


2017 Army Navy Game

9 Dec 17, Kick off @ 3:00pm

Lincoln Financial Field

Philadelphia, PA


Oh yeah, BEAT NAVY!


Contact your tailgate Sherpas at


And we're done at 225!!

FAVOR:  If you know people attending but don't see them on the Drill Roll, please post info in the comments field so we can add them.  Also, please add your guests' names so we can make name tags in advance.  

Thank you!  

~Sherpa 2

ATTENDEES:   as of 3 Dec 17

Kiko Morillo, '87 (Sherpa 1)

Andee Hidalgo-Ott, '87 (Sherpa 2)

Rose Hidalgo-Ott, '88

Amanda Morillo

Mitzi Morillo

Shawn Buck, '87

 Diana Buck

Emily Buck, '15

Andrew Palella, '15

Will Weathersby, '87

Denise Weathersby

Bret Stacy

Dore Stacy

Bill Maloney

Linda Maloney

Andrea Ford Hodge, '88

CW4 (Ret.) Con Snavely

Rob Johnston, '87

Mary Johnson, '86

Kelly Kleinvachter

Claire Johnson

Jaime Reed

Scott Peters, '87 

Doyle Martin 

Steve Abbot

Jim Dooley

Kyle Knauf '87

Eddie Rodriguez, '87 

Lydia Rodriguez 

Javier Rodriguez 

Thomas Rodriguez

John-Carlos Rodriguez

Jon Schupp, '87

Chris Vanacore (Squid Dad)

Mary Vanacore (Squid Mom)

Christopher Vanacore (Squid Brother)

Daniel Vanacore (Squid Brother)

Tom Lemmons 

Paige Lemmons

Bill Breeze

Greg Leland

Rob Dickerson, ‘87  (Big "D")

Shelley Dickerson

Zack Dickerson (Little "D")

Kaylan Dickerson

Rob DiVincenzo, '87

Patti DiVincenzo

Chip Mahoney

Ally Mahoney

Sam Houston, '87 

Jennifer Stamper

Peel Chronister, '87 

Susan Chronister

Malcolm Cole, '87

Edward Cole

Jim Robinette, ‘87

Lisa Steptoe, '87 (Bar OIC)

Ronald Steptoe, '87

Dale Malzi, '87

Glenda Malzi 

Mona Turner

Patsy Crumbacker

Charlie Miller

Max Miller (BEST Army Fan Extraordinaire)

Jeff Bullock

Lane Bullock

Tim Duffin

Joe "Simbo" Simonelli, '87 

Bettye Marie Simonelli

Bernie Banks, '87 

Hayes Banks (Son of '87)

Michael Laskoff 

Angela Laskoff

Jim Yacone, '87

Mark Yacone (Son of '87's)

Sally Bevis

Irving Smith III, '87

Mavis Smith

Irving Smith IV

Malcolm Smith

Marty Holland, '87

Anne Holland

Jeff Buczak, '87

John Gabel

Tom Evans '87

Robin Evans

Cara Evans

Chris Knowlton, '87 

Georgia Knowlton

Ray Echevarria, '85

Chris Armstrong

Kris Peterson, '87

Rosemary Peterson 

John Moellering, '87

Amy Moellering 

1LT Matt Moellering, '14 

1LT Genna Gibbons, '16

Jim Gibbons

Anne Gibbons

Robert Fancher, ‘87

Ashley Fancher 

Michael Doyle, ‘88

Scott Armen

Guest of Scott Armen

Dave Marcozzi 

Heidi Marcozzi

John Sanchez, '87

John Guglielmi, '84

Jim Nicholas, '18 Dad

Courtney Nicholas, '18 Mom

Lexi "I am not Bri but could be so MAYBE I really am…. possibly" Nicholas, '18 Twin

Zac Nicholas , '18 Bro

Rita Meekma, '18 Grandma

Dolly Nicholas, '18 Grandma

Chris Rigoni, 87

Jack Poole, 87

Jeff Rigoni

Doug Rigoni

Rocco Rigoni

Scott Steele

Chris Davis, '87 

Michelle Jerney-Davis 

Jerney Davis 

Madison Davis

Bruce Hollywood 

Megan Hollywood

James Andrus, '87

Mike Nemeth, '04  (Best Selling Author and Navy Prankster)

Jim Connelly (Squid Fan)

Monty  "I'm so Chill" Tatum, '87 

Ila Williams Tatum, '87 (Dance OIC)

Sawyer Tatum 

Courtney Tatum 

Madison Tatum 

Jayden Mojica-Tatum 

Nashawn Vazquez

Rob Sobieski

Lisa Sobieski

Damian Sobieski

Leanne Sobieski

Scott Semanchik

Coleen Semanchik

Becky "I Can Do More Pull-ups Than You" Troster, '87

Pete Sload 

Terri Sload

Rob Grey 

Christine Grey

Mark "I'm not Santa" Landes, '87 

Shelly Matautia, '87 (Sherpa 2 Roomie)

Kate Mason, USMMA '18 (Daughter of '87)

Raymie Ripley

Fran Ripley

Brent Lehman 

Trisch Lehman

Lisa Cramer  (Friend of Simbo, '87)

Pamela Winn-Lovelace (Friend of Simbo, '87)

Jill Fuller

Bill Fuller

Noah Becker

John Ciarlo, '87

Lori Orr

Kate Ciarlo

Brendan Ciarlo

Rich Checkan '87

Rich Whitelaw

 Amanda Whitelaw 

Emily Whitelaw

Clark Rosenberry 

Oleg Boychenko

Richard "BEAT NAVY" Byrne

John Hurst '87 

Dr. Steve Morgan (Navy Puke Guest of John Hurst)

Kevin Mason 

Dawn Rainwater 

Doug Rainwater 

Jed "shhh…. I'm skipping March On" Lipp, '18 

Michelle Perri USMMA 2018 

Fynn "shhh…. I'm skipping March On" Isenhart, '21

Sana Mason

Mike Jones, '87

Tamara Jones

Cole Jones

Thomas Fox, ‘16

Ellen, The Countess DeBlecourt

Courtney Billington, '87

Lisa Billington

Mark Billington

Barb "I'm the fun one" Migaleddi

Mark “Migs” Migaleddi, '87

Tom Mathers, '88

Michele Mathers 

Tucker Mathers

David Rivoir

John Conley

Zach Richman

Mark Pincoski, '87 

Gloria Pincoski

Rich Catina

Cate Catina

Travis Catina, '21

Wen Barker, '87

Jinah Barker

Jim Whalen 

Deirdre Whalen

Lilly Soliman, '13 Mom

Aaron Fore, ‘87

David Ray

TJ Moffatt, '87

Sophie Moffatt

Timmy Sullivan

Katie E. Biddle, '18

Gabe Parish, '20

Gabriel Parish, '87

Paul Cioni, '87

Guest of Paul Cioni

Joe Felter, '87

Darby Felter

Max Felter

Cathy Whalen

Tim Whalen, '87

Nick Whalen

Aarti Arun

Martha Sarra

John Sara