USMA '87 "Go Army Tailgating!"

We've upped our game... Up yours!

Welcome to USMA ’87 “Go Army Tailgating!”

Check out the POOP DECK for information on our tailgate including food, parking and logistics. Once again, we have coordinated with a local food truck to cater our event.

Please use the PURCHASE ITEMS tab to pay for food and/or merchandise as soon as possible.

Vendor deposits are due. We appreciate your payments, early.

2018 Army Navy Game

8 Dec 18, Kick off @ 3:00pm

Lincoln Financial Field

Philadelphia, PA

Oh yeah, BEAT NAVY!

Contact your tailgate Sherpas at

How can I get tickets and what happens on Game Day?

  • Try the Army Ticket Office. Click HERE.

  • Army Football site lists Game Day Activities. Click HERE. Check back for updates as we get closer.

  • Here's another Fan Guide Poop Sheet on activities taking place on Friday. Cheer on Army for the Tug of War or Pull up Contests. Click HERE.

What time should I arrive?

  • Your tailgate sherpas will be there by 8am, if not earlier.  (Technically, the Advance Party will arrive after 1700 on Friday.)

  • Those of you bringing equipment (tents, grills, heaters, coolers, sound systems, bars, etc) are welcome and encouraged to arrive as early as possible so we can get set up and start having fun.

  • If you are not bringing gear, you are still more than welcome to arrive early! 

  • Hot chow served from noon and until kickoff.

I am here, now what?

  • Find a sherpa... Kiko (Sherpa 1)  or Andee (Sherpa 2)... Old grad version of Accountability Formation.

  • Your sherpas will distribute tailgate bling such as VIP passes, name tags and any purchased merchandise.  The passes are also required to pick up hot chow, beer and non-alcoholic beverages.

What do I need to bring?

  • Sweets.  If you like dessert (cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc) feel free to bring and share.  Our menu does not include a dessert and it would be great to have something sweet as well. 

  • Chairs.  If you plan on sitting down, you might want to bring a few chairs.

  • Pop up tent. If you have one, please bring it.  We will set them up within our AO. 

  • Propane heaters.  Please bring if you have one.  Better safe than sorry.

  • Garbage containers.

  • Bar supplies appreciated:  Booze, ice, cups, etc

  • Camera to capture the moment.

  • A positive 'tude.

  • Your kids so we can brag about how cool we were (extra kudos if they are currently cadets).

It's my first time, what should I expect?

  • Stadium bag policies:  click here for poop on bags allowed in stadium

  • If POTUS attends, expect delays entering stadium.

  • Simbo has TV outside his rig.  We can watch March On from the tailgate.

  • Port-a-johns are usually available near our tailgate (and often "upscale" facilities) nearby.

  • Cold weather.  Bring cold weather gear. If in doubt, bring it.  Better to have it and not need it.  Fingers crossed for weather like last year!

  • There are no backpacks or umbrellas allowed in stadium.  Only clear plastic bags or 1 gallon zip lock bag.  Clutch with a shoulder strap or wrist clutch is ok.  Check with stadium website for allowable camera lens length.  

How do I know which tailgate is ours?

  • Simbo's RV is Command Post (CP).  

  • Kiko will have rental RV and Food Truck will also be located with our group.